By: Ben Knopp

Local Business Spotlight - Suzette Bistro, Mission

Tags: Local Business Spotlight - Suzette Bistro, Mission

Great afternoon sitting with restaurant manager Kat Brodie from Suzette Bistro on 4th Street, Mission. As most know this trendy little neighborhood offers some of Calgary's best culinary assets and is definitely one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city. I might be a little biased, as it’s also my home :) With Mission’s diverse demographic, any successful restaurant offering in this neighborhood must be appealing to all types of crowds and crowds are something Suzette has managed to attract steadily.

Suzette is the sister restaurant of the highly decorated Cassis Bistro on 17th Ave and 25th street SW.  Suzette’s vision comes from Northern France in the region of Brittany. This where Executive Chef/Managing Partner Dominique Moussu was originally from. Dominique had always been passionate about food but this offering really hits home for him. He always wanted to be able to offer Calgary a very approachable Bistro style menu that would be equal to the quality of the bistro’s he grew up with in France. And that vision is exactly how Suzette was born. 

Known for their delicious Galettes (Savory buckwheat Crepes) and Crepes, there is no surprise this is a local favorite when it comes to weekend brunch. But don’t be fooled, they have a delicious menu that is appealing for both lunch and dinner.

March 19th will mark Suzette’s 1st birthday, and I’m a assuming a lot more birthdays to come. Happy Birthday Suzette!
Upcoming Events: Jazz Night – Jazz Night will run the FIRST Tuesday of every month. “LIKE” Suzette Bistro on Facebook to be informed of the new Menu and event details.

Address:  2210 4th street SW.