By: Ben Knopp

Local Business Spotlight - YYC Storage

Tags: Local Business Spotlight - YYC Storage

I had a great time meeting the guys last week from Calgary’s newest innovative storage solution YYC Storage. As a condo owner myself, my wife and I have dealt with the headache and frustration first hand of not having enough storage space but not wanting to pay the unreasonable price of a monthly traditional storage unit. The service these guys offer is really one of a kind and I can see a lot of my clients seeing the value in contacting YYC Storage to store some of their seasonal, sentimental, and unneeded items without having to pay for a bunch of unused storage space. Definitely worth checking these guys out!
“YYC Storage provides cloud-like convenience and storage solutions for everyday personal belongings”

Self-storage is made easy with the launch of YYC Storage, a local company that provides a modern alternative to traditional self-storage. Making storage effortless and convenient, YYC Storage provides same day on demand pick-up and drop-off to its storage facility in Calgary for as low as $4.99 per month.
YYC Storage handles everything except packing. With just a few clicks, storage bins are ordered online and dropped off at a customer’s home or business for free. YYC Storage then collects the bins and larger unboxed items, and brings them to a local storage facility where they are properly labeled and kept safely and securely.
“We noticed how condo sizes were drastically shrinking in Calgary and wanted to provide an affordable storage solution to those that needed to downsize,” states Torey Celinskis, Co-Founder of YYC Storage. “Some of the newer condos are averaging 400 square feet, and for a city that takes full advantage of the outdoors, people need a place to store their possessions”
In order to retrieve a storage bin or other items, the customer merely has to login into their personal “online closet” and click on the bins or items they want to retrieve. Within less than 24 hours, the bins and/or items are personally delivered right to the customer’s door.
A YYC Storage box can hold up to 50 pounds of items and costs $4.99 per box per month to store. Unboxed items ranging from ski equipment and golf clubs to Christmas trees and bikes are $9.99 per item per month.
“YYC Storage can be compared to online storage providers like ICloud or Dropbox, but instead of digital items we’re storing physical items for you,” states Co-Founder Trevor Loose. “Since launching, we’ve stored all kinds of items; anything from business files and papers, seasonal wardrobes, to canoes – we’ve seen it all.”
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